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About Pathogen UK

Who is behind Pathogen UK?

Pathogen UK is brought to the international market by three entrepreneurs, Barry, Phillip Peacock and Myles Robinson.

All are from different backgrounds and add huge value to Pathogen UK from varying angles, let’s take a look at their expertise and previous experiences:

Barry Paterson – Lead Engineer

Barry is the technical and engineering side of Pathogen UK, having worked and built up a reputable and successful business in the heating and renewables sector. Being meticulous in everything he does, he takes the lead in helping us develop new products to penetrate the worldwide markets.

Philip Peacock – Warehousing and Logistics

Phillip is a successful and all round entrepreneur having another business in machinery and car markets, as well as an established e-commerce presence. Phillip is experienced in warehousing and maintains our efficient warehousing and logistics.

Myles Robinson – Digital and E-commerce

Myles is the digital marketing and online guru. Having built up rapidly expanding companies such as www.boilercentral.com which offers UK wide boilers with next day installation and instant online finance decisions. Myles looks after the e-commerce side and anything digital, from social media channels to Google search and is committed to worldwide digital recognition.

From the varying backgrounds, Pathogen UK is well aligned to future success and has decades of experience to provide the best products with the best customer service you could wish for.

Need a little more information?

Pathogen UK is a trading name of UV Central Ltd who are leading the way in sterilising air to fight coronavirus (COVID-19). From extensive research, testing and worldwide feedback we are able to refine our technology to help businesses and organisations stay open and have cleaner air around the world. 

From beauty salons to hairdressers, from gyms to athletics stadiums, restaurants to pubs, offices to warehouses, dentists to doctors and also hospitals, our air sanitisers are perfect to sanitise air to make everyone safer from viruses, bacteria and even mould.


UV-C air sanitiser kill covid

Why Us?

We offer fully accredited and tested UV-C systems at an affordable price. We also ship free anywhere in the world. Our systems fit into any modern home with their sleek, yet functional design.


Air Sterilisation

Our main products are UV-C air sterilisation filters that are effective against come of the most disruptive viruses and bacteria in the air today. More recently we are helping businesses and homes make air COVID-19 free to keep people safer.


Long Warranties

All of our products feature lengthy warranties so you can have peace of mind on all of our products. We offer extended warranties and service plans for upkeep and maintenance.


Free Delivery

We offer fast and free delivery worldwide included in our online prices. Whether you purchase one or ten products, your shipping is free and included in your price. Deliveries take 1-3 days in the UK and 3-10 worldwide dependent on country.