Our guarantee


Our guarantee covers repair and replacements at our discretion of our products.

If your product is faulty due to our workmanship for faulty materials we will repair or replace within the guarantee period of that product.

If parts or product is not available we will replace or refund a functional part or product at a similar price to your original order.

Statutory rights are not affected by this guarantee.


What is not covered by our guarantee?


If your product breaks down that is due to non-intended use then your warranty will be invalid. Below is what is not covered under warranty:


  • Wear and tear, including parts that can wear such as bulbs, fans, batteries, fuses etc)
  • Accidental damage of any nature
  • Incorrect power supply and usage recommendations
  • Damage from weather, water, electrical faults
  • In-proper use
  • Incorrect installation or damage from installing
  • Repairs from repairs carried out by 3rd party sources invalidate the warranty


Guarantee terms and conditions

Our guarantee terms and conditions are below:

  • Your guarantee is effective from the date of purchase, or date of delivery, whichever is later.
  • You need to provide proof of purchase on warranty claims
  • Any claims will not further extend any increased guarantee
  • Only valid in the country the product is purchased from
  • You can transfer any guarantee to another person, the same terms apply

Any guarantee claims are at UV Central Ltd discretion.